Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paradise Found

Warm, balmy air, soft white sand, clear aquamarine sea, palm treest rustling in the breeze, the sound of breakers on the beach ... Sound like Paradise? It is. The Seychelles is the last unspoilt paradise on Earth, complete with hundreds of varieties of tropical fish unique to the islands, nesting turtles, and sea so clear that you can see for long distances under water. Bright corrals and sea weeds, fish so tame that they will eat out of your hand.

Hundreds of species of shells readily found on the unplundered reefs, hermit crabs, ordinary crabs, sting rays, angel fish and yes, even the occasional grey nurse shark - quite harmless to man. This is a paradise like no other, and these five acres are on an island in the Marine Park, where fishing is banned and the sea life abounds. If you want to fish, just go over the the reef, however. The game fishing is second to none, with all the big game fish in abundance. Tuna, sailfish, bonito, barracuda, sword fish, and many more.

On shore, you have lush tropical forest, palm trees in abundance, king coconuts as well as ordinary coconut trees, plenty of water, birdlife and tropical flowers. Sound idylic? It is. Best of all, it's off the beaten track, with hardly any tourism to disturb your privacy. The six islands in the Marine Park are close to each other, and at very low tides, it's even possible to walk between some of them on the exposed sandbars.

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